Your Guide to a Good Year of Dance

Hannah Kitson, Staff Writer

September 24

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We all are getting used to this new teacher, Ms. Stampolis, and this new course, in general, Dance! Let's learn a little about how dance will work. To do this we had to learn from the dance teacher herself. I emailed Ms. Sta...

Color Run

Kira Huntley, Staff Writer

May 30

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In case you were not able to make it to the color run on April 20th, you are in luck because here I am to tell you all about it: First, at 2:45pm, all of the scholars doing the run met in the outer yard. Before we started wa...

Wacky Tacky Wednesday

Hannah Kitson, Staff Writer

May 15

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What is Wacky Tacky Wednesday? Respect for All Week is a time to respect our peers and how we are unique in our own ways. One of the days that stand out the most to me is Wacky Tacky Wednesday. As 7th grader Anjelina Abrams says, "i...

The ‘Lowedown’ on the Recess Yard

Russell Stern, Editor

May 15

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For countless years, the Mott Hall II recess yard has remained in an old, dilapidated state, and seemingly, nothing is ever done to improve it. Some of the problems with the recess yard include corroded basketball backboards,...

Behind the Scenes: Winterfest 2016

Saira Medunjanin, Editor

April 11

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Winterfest 2016 So, you went to Winterfest, and it was fun! All the singers, dancers, and performers were awesome. Now, let me take you behind the scenes. Testing… Testing… Is This Even On? As you can probably tell, we did...

Dance to the Music

Alan Yang, Editor

April 8

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Mardi Gras Dance 2016 Alright! You went to the Mardi Gras Dance, and you enjoyed it! So you agree that it was worth $2.00. The Dance Floor Now, there were a lot of 6th, 7th and 8th graders hitting the dance floor when...

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