What is an OC? How do I make a good OC?- Writing guide

Loucas Tzanis, writer

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Alright kiddies little old Loucas is gonna teach you how to make an OC. Whats that? You don’t know what the frick frack an OC is and your small tiny brain is completely useless in googling it! Don’t worry I will teach you the basics of making a good OC.

So what is an OC? An OC stands for original character. To make a good OC is to give them flaws. The reason you add flaws to your characters is because you want some conflict and character development. A character that is perfect is known as a Mary sue/Gary stew, which give the reader a feeling of eating shards of glass when they read about your character. Also, if you are making a story, you want your characters to have variety. In a nutshell, you want to have some of the same characters, even if its a clone or reincarnation or just a second version of a character. Finally, don’t and I really mean do not make a character that uses improper grammar or is full of nonsense. Maybe one of your favorite animemes uses a character like that and I may have offended someone’s wifu but just don’t do it. Most of the time these characters like that are very annoying and if you do it, I’ll come up to you and say “What have you done you monster?!” You wouldn’t want that, would you? Also, to clear things up, I am not talking about characters that have learned a new language or have a speech impediment. Those characters have a good way of making characters that can create conflict or that can have large flaws because of their issues about talking. What I am talking about are characters that have annoying catchphrases which can get on someone’s nerves. Even one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy has a character like this and every time they appear, I want to throw them off a cliff so I wont be able to hear their annoying words again.

In conclusion, If you follow these tips maybe you could make someone’s next favorite character. 

What is an OC? How do I make a good OC?- Writing guide