Two Black Holes Collide

#Einstien never fails

Saira Medunjanin, Editor

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Black Holes? Boring!

Now, before you all tell me that this would be the most boring news article you ever read, I suggest reading it because things like this happen once in a lifetime. So, let’s see here. Supernova, Hypernova, black hole. Just in case you don’t know what the heck a black hole is, you can go bother the 7th Grade Science teacher, Ms. Willard, for it. But, I will define it so that Ms. Willard won’t hate me- I mean so you can understand: A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This happens when a star is dying. (Credit to Ms. Willard for that one).

Einstein’s Theory

I’m sure many of you already know Albert Einstein. You know, the guy with the big, white fuzzy hair with glasses. And, while we’re here, why do people say that he failed high school math? I will tell the truth. He didn’t; people made that up just to feel better about themselves. Sorry for telling you that by the way. The truth really hurts.

Well, the truth was not Einstein’s theory. Einstein came up with a theory in 1915 about how gravitational waves with rip the fabric of space and time. Luckily, we brought a sewing kit!  In 1915, Einstein didn’t exactly predict that the black holes would collide, but he managed to use this to refine the concept of space in it’s entirety.

Next time you want to say that Einstein failed math, try asking a high school dropout when the next collision of black holes will be.

The Collision- Why Did it Happen?

Finally- this lady got to the good part! The collision was ‘relatively’ simple (whoever got that pun): The strength of one black hole sucked up the other one, creating a massive black hole. When you think about it, it’s the death of two black holes- but the birth of another. 1,004 scientists and researchers teamed up on this- trying to connect how it could even happen.

This collision released as much energy as two MILLION supernovae! They could RIP OUT a galaxy, and send out MASSIVE gravitational waves! When researchers detected the waves, they were able to HEAR them collide.

(Based off of the waves, scientists created the sound due to no air in space)

Click this link to hear the collision:

The End…?

Isn’t that amazing? The collision of two black holes! When Einstein theorized about this sometime 101 years ago- now recorded and analyzed. Is it really just me who thinks that this is the most AWESOME thing on Earth?

(Well, not on Earth- but you get what I mean).

I’m just really glad we have the technology to listen and record these things, otherwise Einstein’s theories would have never been: proven, recorded, or even cared about.

But, this stunning discovery brings up more questions: If one of Einstein’s theories is correct- what about the rest of them?


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