Behind the Scenes: Winterfest 2016

Saira Medunjanin, Editor

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Winterfest 2016

So, you went to Winterfest, and it was fun! All the singers, dancers, and performers were awesome. Now, let me take you behind the scenes.

Testing… Testing… Is This Even On?

As you can probably tell, we did have a few difficulties with the sound. But if you witnessed the rehearsals, it was pretty good. I was backstage along with my sister, Irma, and Ms. Acevedo.

During the first rehearsal, (which I will admit I had NO IDEA what I was doing), I had to learn how to control the sound.  I’ll tell you the best part: the microphones had so much static in them. Every time someone would talk you would only hear the static. Not only that, we had to have Mr. Lowe come down and help us.

Turns out, we had to turn on the microphones.

The First Rehearsal

The first rehearsal was pretty stressful. Some people did not arrive on time- or even come at all. For that, Ms. Granberry, the director of the show, kicked a few people out. As I was in the back, helping out Ms. Acevedo, I noticed that some people had a LOT to work on. Whether it was tuning your guitar, position of the microphone, or centering, nobody really caught on. To add to that, the people who didn’t bother to show up were thrown out of the show. Ms. Granberry, though, was there so if they didn’t catch on, she would make them.

The Second Rehearsal

The second rehearsal was a lot better. People who didn’t show up on the first one came to this one, and it ran more smoothly. The performers also grew a lot of confidence, working with each other and using others’ feedback to improve.

The Last Rehearsal

The last rehearsal was on the day of the show. Once school ended, performers and stage directors went to the auditorium. Then, when Ms. Granberry came, we ran through it one last time.

Despite the last two rehearsals, this one seemed the most stressful. The microphones, for example, were messed up and would make screeches and sounds whenever someone talked. Also, the piano, that was used for choir, wouldn’t play a few keys. Then, the rehearsal started to smooth out. When 5:00 PM came around, I started to feel nervous, which is ironic because I wasn’t even performing!

The Show

Then the show came. Open curtains, close curtains, pull down screen, pull up screen. Check the mics, change master volume. During the show, there were minor mistakes. The microphones started to make screeches! It wasn’t so obvious, but it looked like a problem. Luckily, Ms. Acevedo came and helped us solve the issue.

Also, some of the performers took a long time to set up, or take away their props, instruments, etc., so the transition between the acts was a little bit long. Thankfully, my brother, Fetah, came to the rescue and stalled the next act with a few jokes. (Yay, Fetah saves the day).

Alicia Dekle, a 6th grader and a choir performer, said,“Fetah even got my mom laughing… she never laughs.”

The show, overall, was a success. The issues with the mics weren’t so big, and the show was entertaining.

What did you think of the show?

Behind the Scenes: Winterfest 2016