World of Warcraft Review

World of Warcraft: Should you play?

Loucas Tzanis, Staff Writer

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Type of Game/ Information

World of warcraft is the most popular and successful MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) right now and with the New expansion world of warcraft legion coming out this summer I thought that I should review the game in my first review. The game started in November 23 2004. It was a sequel to the game Warcraft:Humans and Orcs made in 1994. The game has a large amount of players that have been playing since the release of the game to starting in 3:00pm on a friday. Also, the game has a lot of lore (history). The game is Rated T for teen and The game is for PC and Mac and the requirements are very low which is one of the reasons it is popular.


Gameplay/ first things that happen

The gameplay is very strategic. The battle system has a hotbar system that is pretty easy to use just press the numbers or if you like the game and plan to stay you should look up a keybinding guide to help you with the hotbar. Moving should be easy just use the wasd keys or if you’re left handed  use the arrow keys but use your mouse unless you have to use the mouse pad the use the arrows to turn. To talk press enter then type in what you have to say. Those are the basic controls. At the beginning of the game you can choose your realm, race, and class. Before you create your character you first have to select your realm first chose US then chose a realm with a high population. Then you will choose your race and class. Each race has its own racial ability like worgens (werewolves) get a speed boost for ten seconds or the night elves can go invisible for ten seconds but this ability is useless if you choose the rogue class which you can move and go invisible compared to the you can only stand still.  After you choose those then you can edit your character like what he/she looks like and other stuff.


Pros: Lots of Stuff to Do

The good side of the game has a lot to do with the possibilities. You can create weapons and armour with the blacksmith profession. there are many other professions and you make a lot of ingame currency but they are not the main spotlight of the game. The real spotlight of  the game is questing. This is when you talk to an NPC (non-player character) and they want you to do something like kill ten wolves or destroy a town for the lich king. Also, if you get a subscription and you get to max level you can do raids which are large dungeons with monsters the size of houses you can fight with large rewards. You can also get social in a guild which can do raids, dungeons, quests, or RP (role play).


Cons: The Game can feel lonely

For a game that is a MMORPG (Translation above)things can get pretty lonely. For example, (yes I am now writing an essay for school) When I am not in a capital city I rarely see other players in fields. The reason for this is when the latest expansion Warlords of draenor they introduced garrisons. Basically these you send followers out on a journey to do in return for rewards. These sound cool until you find out that people stay in their garrisons every time they are online. Also, Sometimes when I go into guild chat sometimes people do not respond although many people are online.

How much money does it co$t

As I have stated before there are subscriptions. Unfortunately the subscription costs a lot more than the normal mmorpg subscription. But if you get the 6 month sub then you will get the cheapest deal. This deal is around $12.00 compared to the 1 month $14.00. My solution is to download the starter edition which allows you to play until level 20 to see if you like the game or not.


Moment of truth: Should you play?

My rambling goes to both sides of the game so should you play world of warcraft? In my opinion you should play world of warcraft. My problem with the game can be easily fixed. More players in the game of course if none of you readers try out the game my problems might be fixed this summer when the next expansion is released.

World of Warcraft Review