Wacky Tacky Wednesday

Hannah Kitson, Staff Writer

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What is Wacky Tacky Wednesday?

Respect for All Week is a time to respect our peers and how we are unique in our own ways. One of the days that stand out the most to me is Wacky Tacky Wednesday. As 7th grader Anjelina Abrams says, “it’s great.”

Most students have the same thought about Wacky Tacky Wednesday. Arianna Williams expresses it as “very creative because you can express yourself and wear PJs!!”

Because the school has a dress code, shrinking our wardrobe into a very small variety of clothes it makes it so that we think of each other in a way that might NOT be who we are on the inside. As Miguel DeJesus states, “it’s where you get to express you feelings and not be afraid of who you are.” After Respect for All Week I think we think of our friends in a different but good way than we did before.

6th grader Fiorella Barros took the words right out of my mouth when she said, “it helps us see each other in a way that we could never imagine. We’re not ashamed or embarrassed.”

6th grader Jonas Yukins explains why he likes Wacky Tacky Wednesday: “I liked Wacky Wednesday because it let me be myself, crazy!” According to Alan Yang, Wacky Tacky Wednesday and Respect for All Week generally helps to reduce bullying.


What was worn

A lot of people wore a ton of things during wacky Wednesday. There were some surprises as to what everyone was wearing but some others didn’t dress any different.

Arianna Williams explains what she wore: “I wore many colors and miss- matched socks as well as shoes.” She explains what it shows about her: ”That shows not a single bone in my body matches others; I’m unique.” Good job Arianna for being unique! I’m sure we all had someone who dressed in the same manner as Arianna.

There were also people like Fiorella Barros who dressed up but were pretty casual about it. She explains: “I dyed my hair red to prove a point: that no matter what you look like we are all unique and special in our own way; you should look in the inside and should get to know them better and to not judge a book by its cover we need to stop judging people.” Wow! She might have dressed casually, but she sure meant something.

Jonas explains: “I wore a pink shirt and Adidas pants with pink stripes. It expresses who I am because my favorite color is pink.”


Next year

This year there might have had things people didn’t like. Next year can be where the change happens. 6th graders Miguel and Arianna both think that as long as this happens again next year it’s fine.

Jonas expresses: “I don’t think I would change anything about Wacky Wednesday except for the fact that I wasn’t able to wear a ONESIE!!”

While interviewing I realized not many people dressed up for Wacky Wednesday so when Fiorella brought up this suggestion I agreed. “Everyone would have to dress wacky or you get detention!” I hope next year is as exciting and maybe even better than this year!

Wacky Tacky Wednesday