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Aracelie Colon, Staff Writer

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What’s the issue Today: Stress

As students of Mott Hall 2 we have to deal with homework, projects, test and sooner or later high school. At these moments you may feel stressed out and scared but believe me, being stressed out is not fun. It never is! Well at these moments don’t let stress get the best of you. There are multiple ways for dealing with stress in a positive way. For example you can…

Talk it out – You can talk to a friend or trusted teacher about what you’re going through and what your worried about.Manage your time – If a big test/project is coming up soon it might be best to be extra productive. Also you might want to skip after school activities, there will be other opportunities to hang out with friends.

Meditation or Yoga – Yoga and or Meditation  helps you focus more and helps improve flexibility. Not only that but yoga helps clear your mind and improve your physical health. Practicing Yoga once or twice a week will surely get your mind off your stress.Get more Sleep – If you’re under a lot stress try to get more sleep. Sometimes getting more rest can clear your mind of all things stressful.

Stress comes and goes in life, it’s total normal. Don’t worry yourself it happens but if you start to feel stressed try to use these tips to help you relax. Stress can come in all different shapes and sizes but don’t let it get the best of you. If you have any suggestions on what should be the next topic, please notify Aracelie.

Aracelie’s Advice