Color Run

Kira Huntley, Staff Writer

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In case you were not able to make it to the color run on April 20th, you are in luck because here I am to tell you all about it:

First, at 2:45pm, all of the scholars doing the run met in the outer yard. Before we started walking, you were given your white T-shirts and a bottle of water. Then, at about 3:00pm, we started the walk. We walked all the way to 135th st and Riverside and then we walked all the way back, which in total, made the walk about 45min. As soon as we were rounding the corner to head back to school, scholars were running to the outer yard to receive their color dust. Once every scholar got their dust, we began the throwing. Colors were flying everywhere. Blue, orange, red, purple, green and pink. Colors going in all different directions. Even though it was probably a lot to clean up, the main thing is, the scholars had a blast and we are definitely doing it again next year.

All in all, I hope everybody that went this year felt the same way I did and I hope those of you who didn’t go will reflect on this and think about going next year.

Color Run