Book Review: We Are The Ants By Shaun David Hutchinson

Sofia Gormley, Staff Writer

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Everyone’s life has there ups and downs. For Henry Denton it’s mostly downs. This heartbreaking novel that will bring tears to your eyes will show you how messed up life really gets. Henry is already a natural born social outcast. Aliens deciding that he was ‘perfect’ for the role of saving the world or letting it die earned him the unpleasant nickname of ‘spaceboy’.

Throughout the book Henry struggles with his love life, family, and his friends. This all adds up to making his choice hard because he eventually has to chose, will he save the world? We follow him through a fling with the school’s most popular boy and he falls in love with someone just out of juvie. We learn about Jesse, the aftermath of the cruel society we are all forced to live in, someone who just couldnt take it anymore and decided to leave, permanently. His brother gets a girl pregnant and his family goes into utter chaos and his grandmother isn’t their to help him because she gone, her memory slipped away from them. Meanwhile he’s alone and there isn’t anything worse. His former best friend, Audrey is who he blames for Jesses permanent vacation. Everything is so chaotic and he doesn’t want to die but has no desire to live either.

Hutchinson’s writing showed a deep understanding to how it feels to want to give up, to want everything to be done with and to never see the sun another day. His writing shows he knows how easy it is to give up and tell everyone you’re doing A-okay when in reality you’re not. This book is very relatable and filled with life changing points of views for multiple amazing characters. It’s a great read but be warned, there is profanity used throughout the entire book.

Book Review: We Are The Ants By Shaun David Hutchinson