Review: Kingdom Hearts X Unchained

Loucas Tzanis, Staff Writer

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X was released on September 3, 2015 for IOS and Android devices. It was developed by the company Square Enix©. It is a prequel to the prequel of Kingdom Hearts I. This game should not be confused with Kingdom Hearts X, which is basically the Japanese version and is a browser-based game.

First thing that happens

The first thing that happens is after a cutscene you choose which union you join. Unions are teams and every week you receive results on who got the most points. This adds a competitive aspect to the game if you aren’t playing for the story. After you choose your union you go through the tutorial. The combat is pretty easy and very addictive. you swipe the screen to attack enemies and to use a special attack, swipe a medal across the screen. After the tutorial, you complete missions to continue the story.


The best parts of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is the competitive aspect of the game. It is very enjoyable because you feel a sense of accomplishment every time you see the results of the points your union won. Another pro is the art style. I really like the cartoon-like graphics that make the game look cute but is actually really dark. Speaking of the dark part of the game, as you continue to the end of the game, you are forced into a war event which sets up Kingdom Hearts’ birth by sleep. Also, it’s nice that the game is free.


The worst parts about Kingdom Hearts Unchained X are few but crucial. The game is expensive. This is not really an issue but is crucial nonetheless. The game is free but since Square needs to make some of that money off of the game there are micro transactions. Now, I don’t mind these because usually they are cheap and you don’t need them to enjoy the experience or the more expensive ones give you more story or something else that makes it worth the money. Unchained X falls into the first one. The money you use gives you money to buy medal packs which give you abilities. The thing about this is the in-game money costs a lot more than it does usually in other phone games. but you can still enjoy the game without the in-game money. But aside from that, I don’t have any other problems with Unchained X.

Moment of truth

In conclusion, I do recommend downloading Unchained X. You have nothing to lose by downloading it and it’s a great start for people thinking about starting to play the Kingdom Hearts series. If you have an idea of what you want me to review next, email me.

Review: Kingdom Hearts X Unchained