2016-2017 Staff

Misheel Kadas

Staff Writer

My name is Misheel (pronounced Michelle), and I am in 8th grade. I love reading and writing. I enjoy watching TV, eating candy, and drawing. I was born in Ohio, and want to visit Ireland, Wales, and Holland. I joined the newspaper...

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Hello! My name is Marlena Vega and I am a cartoonist for Inside the Halls. I decided to join the newspaper because I have loved drawing all my life and I want to share my drawings with the Mott Hall 2 community. My dad used to...

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Paul Gouret

Staff Writer

I am going to start with the dream I got through my life, my dream is to be the chief of a company named Skysoft. I think it is going to be hard but I'm going to start my company by creating the first video games by myself. I...

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John Lenoir

Staff Writer

Hello, I'm John. I will entertain you and tell you stuff. I will not bore you. I will tell you tons of jokes and I will try not to make to many corny jokes (not a promise). I am very entertaining just ask anyone. I know I came...

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Saira Medunjanin

Staff Writer

My name is Saira Medunjanin, and I am in 8th grade. I love to write, and I specifically write poems and stories. My role in this newspaper is a writer, and I have written a few stories on the website. My favorite things to do are li...

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Jonas Yukins

Staff Writer

Hi there! I'm Jonas Yukins. I'm a seventh grader here at Mott Hall II. I love soccer, drawing, and (guiltily), playing Fifa. I'll be a sports journalist for Inside The Halls, but I'll also be drawing comics. I joined the newspaper...

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Emily Jackson

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Emily and I enjoy reading and writing. Those are the main reasons why I wanted to be a part of the newspaper. My hobbies include watching Netflix, playing soccer, reading and writing, and taking photos. Dabbing...

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Orion Maldonado

Staff Writer

My name is Orion Maldonado and I am in 8th grade. I really like to use words that start with "j" and I really like dragons. I have a Tumblr and I spend 70% percent of my time there. You can probably find it after a while, but...

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Jada Hugo

Staff writer

Hi, I am Jada and I am 14 years old. I am an 8th grader at Mott Hall 2. I love to play sports and be around people. I am on Manhattan soccer club team. My favorite color is blue and you will often find me hanging out with friends...

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Arianna Williams

Staff Writer

My name is Arianna Williams and I am currently in 7th grade. I love photography and I enjoy writing stories about history. Joining the newspaper seemed like an opportunity to meet new people as well as write about things that...

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Isaac Wolff

Staff writer

Hello, my name is Isaac Wolff, and I love to write. Along with the regular news posts, I will be posting creative writing that I hope will keep you entertained. I would like to write about comedy, horror, overall realistic fiction,...

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Hannah Kitson

Staff Writer

I’m a 7th-grade girl who likes to read and write fiction. I decided to join the newspaper because I always dreamed of being in a middle school with one. I do gymnastics and am really serious about it. I’m an only child and t...

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Erinda Prelvukaj

staff writer

I love writing. Writing is my favorite subject and I love writing about anything. I joined the newspaper staff so I can interact with people and get to write something that other people can see and enjoy.

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Loucas Tzanis

Staff Writer

I am a hardcore gamer who is very passionate about reviewing games and movies. I have a very crazy personality. I love cats and wants to spread all my wisdom about video games to the school. I joined the school newspaper because I ...

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Leon Leveau

Co-head of the Newspaper

I’m a 7th-grade reporter and a cartoonist, as well as a member of the  soccer team. I love to draw cartoons, mostly inspired from Calvin & Hobbes and other short cartoons, and do mathematics. In my spare time, I go out...

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Griffin Must

Co-head of Newspaper

My name is Griffin Must and I am an 8th grader. I am the co-head with Leon of Inside the Halls. I have been on the basketball team and a member of Model UN for the past two years. I love to watch, read and write about sports and...

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